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Posted By: JohnInKansas
05-May-13 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: Natural Insect Repellents
Subject: RE: BS: Natural Insect Repellents
It has been indicated that it's not just the spiders but also the spider webs that are annoying. A number of "dusters" are advertised as being great for "sweeping down" the webs, but some webs are incredibly sticky and if the duster pushes little bits against the ceiling or wall the bits sometimes stick to the wall better than to any duster and can be very difficult to remove.

The most reliable method for removing the webs is still a good tank-style vacuum cleaner. Since most homes will have occasion to clean up "wet stuff" one with liquid suckup is recommended.

Most of these come with about a four foot long flexible hose, and with a couple of rigid three foot long "extension tubes." You should be able to easily get additional extension tubes for most popular "shop vacuum" types, although different brands use different diameters so you have to be careful to get the right ones.

The four foot flexible hose should be sufficient to permit "pointing" an extension tube of any length desired, and with four 3' extensions you needn't get closer than 12 feet from the web.

When you suck a few webs when the spider is at home, you will observe that spiders are of an advanced species capable of an ability we humans have not yet learned, called "hyperspace transport" and when the spider sees it's web being attacked quite frequently the spider will be there one instant, and mysteriously will have transported itself to some unknown dimension and is simply "no longer there" in our dimensions.

As spider culture has been so petty as to have never revealed to us their secret of hyperdimensional transport, we can only trust the spiders to know where they wanted to go, or how they did it. We are entitled to believe that they went to a place they choose with the belief that it was more appropriate for their happiness at the time.

It might be noted that the appearance of new spiders for no discernible reason and from unknown places is absolute proof that spiders use the same hyperdimensional transport both to come and to go. It's a mystery we do not understand, and for most of us there is little profit in worrying much about it.

There are those who display the attitude that "every spider must be protected," and while casual harm to innocent species is not something to be admired, this is a claim often used merely as a pretense which those with hidden agendas pretend to observe when it suits their purposes. It must be suspected that those who are "overprotective" of spiders simply hope that they may be the first to whom the spiders will reveal their strange hyperdimensional transport ability, and quite likely those people should be suspected of nefarious plans to use the "spidee powers" for their own domination of human culture and all of the entire natural world.

Disbelievers should try to "suck a web" and observe whether or not the spider in one demostrates the indicated "here one instant" and mysteriously "somewhere else" in the next. It has always worked when I tried it. And the opposite action, in which a new web with a new spider reappears after a short time and mysteriously "in an instant" has also demonstrated that the ability is something under the voluntary control of the spiders.

It is perhaps the "secretive" nature of spiders that causes them to conceal what could be of immense benefit to us if they'd just speak out, that is one basis for our common arachnophobia. Attempts to explore whether this is the case have, for me, been unproductive, as I've spent some time (when I was young and had the energy) talking to a couple of spiders of apparently normal spider intelligence, and found them simply belligerently unresponsive. Obviously they know the value of their secrets.