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Posted By: Joe Offer
08-May-13 - 01:50 AM
Thread Name: windows 8 microsoft admit failure
Subject: RE: windows 8 microsoft admit failure
I dunno, Garg. Win 8 seems pretty stable. It just has a five-minute learning curve, and many people aren't willing to take that jump.

One other thing I was going to say - I have never had an easier time setting up peripherals, than I've had with Windows 8. It found and installed my networked printers flawlessly. [Maybe it helps that I had to get rid of all my 32-bit peripherals when I got Windows 7]

I keep home computers for three years, and then pass them on to my stepson. He installs Linux on them and keeps them for another four or five years.

I keep office computers about five years. I have one laptop with XP Pro that we use mostly for presentations; and I have one desktop with Windows Vista, and nobody seems to have ever liked that computer. We needed a computer in a theft-vulnerable location, so I had my stepson install Ubuntu on my boss's old XP laptop - it's used for Internet and e-mail only, and it serves us very well. I have six computers with Windows 7, and two with Windows 8. I'm tempted to put Windows 8 on the Windows Vista computer, to extend its lifetime - I can get the Win 8 upgrade for $12.