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Posted By: JohnInKansas
08-May-13 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: windows 8 microsoft admit failure
Subject: RE: windows 8 microsoft admit failure
I'd have to look stuff up to be sure, but recollection is that WinXP has already passed the "no support" mark on the calendar.

This means that there will continue to be CRITICAL UPDATES for security issues, to patch vulnerabilities that Microsoft decides could cause "significant" problems for "large numbers of users."

It does mean that there will be no new "convenience patches" just to "Make WinXP nicer." These are the things that often appeared as "optional updates" in previous "patch day" notices or if you went to the update website.

Microsoft maintains sites where you can check whether any program is "compatible" with a particular Operating System version. These sites will show as "compatible" only programs whose makers have submitted their programs to Microsoft for testing with that particular OS, or where the makers have submitted "proof" of their own compatibility tests.

Since Microsoft only lists programs that they've "verified," lots of other programs may run quite nicely on a new OS even if they're not listed. Also, SOME OF THE ONES MICROSOFT LISTS AS "COMPATIBLE" SIMPLY AREN'T.

All recent "new OS" versions have included ways to make most "legacy" programs that were fine in a prior OS "mostly usable," although they won't necessarily work with all the old stuff. Some of the "compatibility" methods have been complex enough to be "less than helpful" for users with inadequate "geek gene expression" in their mindsets.

For many "incompatible" legacy programs, Win7 greatly simplified the fix, since many (but not all) problem programs will run just by right-clicking the desktop icon and choosing "run as administrator." This is a lot simpler than "creating a WinXP virtual machine in a separate partition" to run an old program in, as was frequently recommended in Vista.

I have one program, Microsoft Streets & Trips, that I purchased new, clearly labelled on the box as Win7 compatible, that ISN'T COMPATIBLE with Win7. It is listed as "compatible" at the Microsoft Website. It will "run as administrator" but it's such a piece of CRAP that I consider it "unuseful," even after spending about three weeks getting it to run.

I have one "early WinXP" PhotoShop Elements (version 2) that I run as administrator in Win7 because it's very good. Two later versions of PSE are really pretty, but don't do anything helpful (so I let Lin try to use the latest one).

I do have a number of "utility" programs, some of which date back to Win3.11WG OS days, that run just fine in Win7 without any special measures.

I can't comment on Win8 as I don't see an advantage to trying to do books on a telephone.