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Posted By: nutty
04-Dec-00 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Sea Coal (Graeme Miles) ^^
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: sea coal (Graeme Miles)
Graeme is in the process of producing a book containing about 60 song which should be completed in the new year.
Sea Coal was one of the first songs he ever wrote
The version posted is one of at least three that I know of
1) The original often sung by Robin Dale in the North of England
2) The version Graeme submitted for a song competition in the New City Songster -- Which I sing
3) The version recorded by the Wilson Family

the lyrics of version 2 are ...

Sea Coal, Sea Coal, hear the man call
If we goes and buys a bag , we'll have nowt left at all
For we need our few shillings to buy bread and meat
And if we must go hungry at least we'll have heat
Who'll buy, who'll buy, hear the man cry
Just a few shillings for the finest of fuel
Come stoke up your fires now for the weather is cruel
It's a cold place in winter ,is old Hartlepool

See him, see him, at the end of the road
If we don't go and buy quickly it all will be sold
I can see by his wagon that small is his load
But if we must go hungry, we needn't go cold