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Posted By: RichM
08-May-13 - 07:03 PM
Thread Name: windows 8 microsoft admit failure
Subject: RE: windows 8 microsoft admit failure
Here's what I wrote on another forum about Win8:

"Bought a new notebook (win8) in January,because my 2007 era desktop with XP was acting up. (internet problems that my ISP couldn't fix, and blamed on my computer).
Old fart me was happy with XP and 5 year old desktop--mainly used for email, internet access and a small music composition program. So I pulled the trigger on buying a new puter, gonna be modern as all hell, and get a laptop...
With win8. Big mistake.
Don't mind the tablet-y approach, hell I use an iPad and iPhone too. But---what in hell were those supposed experts at microsoft thinking, when they didn't offer some version of the previous main screen?
I don't need to be saddled with extra gestures, commands, to get to the start screen, thank-you-very-much-you-marketing-driven-idiots!
But,in the meanwhile,my old 'puter smartened up somehow, and is back to its old happy ways.
The new, shiny 'puter sits beside it, doing... nothing. I crank it up about once a week just to glare at my shiny new toy. And think of new names for those microsoft asshats..."