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Posted By: Richard Bridge
09-May-13 - 06:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
Subject: RE: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
FFS - learn to read. MOST (I did not say all, I know there are madwomen who seek to oppress their own sex) of the oppressors, in this context, of women are men. They MOSTLY are legislators in various small-town jurisdictions who want to restrict abortion, restrict contraception, restrict maternity benefits, restrict welfare and programs to empower single parents and the children of single parents - who even try to restrict sexual activity (except when they are doing it to someone they sought to disempower, and usually lying about it and sometimes illegally claiming expenses for doing it).   

Therblig - you need to learn to read as well. Steve said none of the things of which you accuse him. You speak of the (alleged) knowledge of women - yet deny women their own choices.