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Posted By: Steve Shaw
10-May-13 - 06:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
Subject: RE: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
Congratulations, pete, on producing the most inane of all your many inane posts.

That is indeed a difficult area, Ebbie. The thing is, though, that late abortions already represent a tiny minority of all abortions. I contend that good education along the lines I've suggested would reduce them to vanishingly-small numbers. The trouble with having time limits is that they give the anti-abortion lobby a handle. Their efforts and energy are overwhelmingly focussed on getting that limit down, and so the ugly fight continues. Well I think education is a far better way of avoiding late abortions. And let's not forget that illegal late abortions are the most traumatic, messy and dangerous of the lot. I admit that this particular area gives me a bit of a wobble, but I'm sticking to me guns, on reflection.