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Posted By: Ebbie
10-May-13 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
Subject: RE: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
I thought about 'hostESS', GfS, but it seemed a bit twee.

As for the label "pro-life" I agree that they have co-opted a designation they have not earned in any sense. As typified by the almost unanimous pro-capital punishment stance they take, they are not pro-life at all but anti-choice, as noted above by both Steve Shaw and Dick Greenhaus. I would respect them more if they were more forthright about it.

It seems strange to me that just about every plank of the anti-choice platform is antithetical to everything I hold dear. One would think there would be at least a few overlapping beliefs.