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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
11-May-13 - 12:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Question about Scotch
Subject: RE: BS: Question about Scotch
:) All those little states lumped together - I should have put the locations onto a Google map for you.

Yes, and in addition to the Scotch, take time to look through their beers (sold by the bottle or the six-pack - you can sample easily), their wines, and see if they have any interesting little 1-jigger samples. There are some point-of-purchase racks with little bottles, but I think they're mostly designer samples. I was hoping they might have things like the little bottle of Ardbeg that my Secret Santa so thoughtfully included in my package last holiday season.

I am sure there are arguments against having large stores move into an area, cutting out the little guy, but I'm tired of having only one sample of a particular variety of a wine to sample at any given small local store. Whether a single vine or a blend, I like to be able to compare. An example - I've been interested in sampling output of the Tempranillo vines, but the store near me ever only had one brand. At the larger store I found straight batches of Tempranillo, and I also found blends. There is one called Red Guitar, Old Vine Tempranillo Garancha (Grenache?) that is spectacular with strong seasoned food, and very affordable. Etc.