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12-May-13 - 11:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
pdq: "I'll see your Hippocrates and raise you a Plato."

Hmmm..that would be quite an Odyssey.

Bobert: "What you and your Republican buddies are doing here is ...."

First off, I don't separate, or choose my 'buddies' according to their political fact, people who overly identify themselves as one party or another, are the ones who limit themselves, as to how much they can be anybody's 'buddy'.....remember, (as I've said before), 'I'm not with the party, I'm with the band!'

As to your examples, Beirut, 911, Iraq War, and oh yes, Iran/Contra, (especially), I've brought that up NUMEROUS times on here as to the hypocrisy and corruption in our government..BTW, you forgot the Vietnam war, which was fraudulently foisted onto use, (Gulf of Tonkin folly), by the wondrous LBJ, and prolonged by both LBJ and Nixon, for the sake of the drug trade in the Golden triangle, and for the sale of embezzled arms, to the Shaw of Iran.....Yes, Bobert, dear Bobert, it has been Both parties, masquerading as caring patriotic 'leaders', while as crooked as a coon's dick. (that's raccoon, BTW)....and ALL those issues were politicized by one party or the other...anything from, 'Oh look what the 'other' party is doing' to 'Rah's for 'national security', and 'protecting our interests'!......and of course, the SANE ones know that it's all been a big pile of crap!...and Bobert, dear Bobert, (with all due respects of being a musician and good guy) has been BOTH parties!....and the corrupt elements, both fueling the 'divisions', and profiteering from EVERY fucking concocted crisis.....and if they don't have an on-going crisis, they'll make one up. When there is a REAL one, they'll cover it up.....oh, and by the your list of crisis that the Democrats 'didn't' politicize, you left out Watergate. Gosh, how you let that one slip through, must have been nothing short of an 'accident'(?).
When I think about it, off the top of my head, the last REAL crisis, that was handled as a real crisis, just might have been the Cuban missile crisis...most of all the rest of them have been a series of assholes jostling for position, to position themselves to get away with more crooked shit..while keeping the public dazed and confused with political partisan street theater!
...and yes, Obama the O-Blabbo is just another one of them....and it is so blatantly obvious, and always has been...from his first campaign to be elected, the first's just been that, underneath, we ALL knew we wanted 'Hope and Change'...but this cat wasn't bringing it...... I took matters into my own hands....I bought a three dollar lottery ticket with a five dollar bill, and got my hope and change, too.....but that didn't pan out either.
Oh well, back to the studio.......

Regards Bobert,