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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
13-May-13 - 12:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Like what???...This is not strictly a Republican or Democrat issue...and frankly, the PEOPLE, left alone, are the ones keeping the whole thing afloat. It's the cancer in the body politic that has burdened the people down....When the Republicans push that, take out 'PEOPLE' and insert mogul CORPORATE PEOPLE. When I say it, I mean the everyday IF it sounds like I'm talkin' UP the Republicans, I'm not. Without any Republican talking point misinterpretation, I may say the 'same type' thing, but I'm talking about all those people, workin' everyday, regardless of party affiliation, who make the whole thing work.
Let me give you a simple example VERY overlooked by the partisan bickering....something that just 'slipped by'...and not addressed....
Remember the housing bubble that was fraudulently inflated, so the banksters would make a quick buck, with the phony ponzi scheme they used, to do the leveraging they did?....the flip side, and 'payoff' to the politicians, (Read: special interests), was that property taxes were all assessed at the leveraged up, at the inflated values!!!...making even more difficult for your average workin' was ALL bullshit...but the workin' guy still went to work, busted his/(her), ass off trying to keep what was his, while the two predatory, corrupt assholes, worked hand in hand together, to fleece the shit out of him(us, the workin' guy)....then the government has to raise other taxes...just to payoff the bankster/corporations in the form of a 'bailout'....WHAT????!!!..BULLSHIT!!!..........but the workin' guy, watching prices inflate(the oil conglomerates had to get in on the action, with their bogus price fixing, which inflates everything transported), barely having enough money to make ends meet, just keeps pluggin' away...being beaten to exhaustion, and death by the marriage of government and the bankster/corporations, and the corruption they wallow in, to accomplish their power greedy agendas!
The political parties, and their 'differences', is their whip!!!
They are BOTH doing it, and at the top of the 'food chain', the top fat cats, are as identical as twins!...matter of fact, even co-operate with each other, to keep us feeding their avarice. They have NO intent on representing us, and haven't in a long time. They even TELL us what to think about the TWO choices they give us....without a second thought about a THIRD choice, which would be of course, beneficial to the people...instead of them!!

So, if you are thinking that I left out the Republicans, in all that.....I didn't...BTW, don't leave out the Democrats......and when you play with a vengeance!!!!!!!
They can only have, what the human spirit will surrender!!!!
....and musicians have the unique position of re-enforcing the human spirit!!

Regards To Ya'...You mixed up wonderful musician!