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15-May-13 - 01:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Nawww....I take in a couple of theirs, CNN, but they've been on Jodi Arias overload...but even that was interesting...sorta....'friends', on-line news, different radio shows, computer.....but the main thing is to filter it, and keep your filters clean..then you can process more information accurately....(as I've said a few times on here), 'Speed is a bi-product of accuracy'.....So, this might surprise you..I'm not about ragging on Obama as a political statement one way or another....for one, I thought he was a phony from W-A-A-A-Y if that is/was true, wouldn't it be logical that whatever is in his mind, might not be what those who support him now, think it is, either?
Maybe he's FAR more 'right' than the 'left' would have ever thought....but to me, that doesn't matter....right/left, it's all bullshit! Right now...shit, right now, I'd settle for just a tiny bit of credibility from either side.....I'd even go for being convinced that behind the curtains, that this bit of, political-scandal-intrigue soap opera, isn't a ruse in itself!....What's really unnerving, for some, is that....let's say the attacks on the Administration, go as far as turning the popular tide against Obama, and those who believe him, as they do...let's say, the damage to Hillary, mucks her up from running, OK?....and the Republicans win big in the next elections, perhaps because of the fallout..Senate, too....the the Republicans would be in control, with all Obama's intrusion into our lives at their disposal....well, how would you like that???.....coupled with Bush's intrusive, 'less than honest' agendas......shit, music!!..ALL these guys are fucked!..BOTH FUCKING SIDES OF THE ILLUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....and if you digest their ILLUSION, you get heartburn....called DELUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's why, "I'm not with the party...I'm with the band"!!
Man, put all that angst into every nano second, of the tones from the instrument...Thank God for the gift.....and play your asses off!!!

I guess 'Hope and Change' takes on a whole new connotation, to some..