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Posted By: May Queen
15-May-13 - 04:36 AM
Thread Name: Singing Together: BBC Schools booklets
Subject: RE: Singing Together: BBC Schools booklets
Wanted: Booklets from the 1950's and 60's

I was going to start a new thread asking about BBC schools broadcasts but I should have known there would be something here already! Mudcatters know everything :-)

My interest in these broadcasts is because I would like to share folk songs from these books with my mum who has dementia. She was at school from 1941 to 1952 (do they go back that far?) but she was also a primary age teacher into the late 1960's. Does anyone have booklets from this time? Or even sound recordings?

She remembers teaching these songs and has recognised some from CD's playing in my car when we go out although the lyrics sometimes seem to confuse her. One particular one I'd like is 'Haul Away Joe' as she doesnt know the words I know (ie about lips going all mouldy and King Louis having is 'ead cut orf!) I guess some of the songs were "cleaned up" for schools broadcast although it may be memory failure on her part. Another is 'Maid of Amsterdam' and she thought it was hilarious when i told her the version I know...the maid in question being "mistress of her trade" etc

BTW I have fond memories of my own regarding these songs from the 1970's and have found similar booklets to Penny's at mums house. How she got these when her own teaching career was over by then I dont know...Unfortunately the ones I remember the tunes of are mostly the Jamaican ones ie Mango Walk and Linstead Market as I'd really like to share British tunes that I have on recordings so we can sing along accompanied.

Hope someone can help.