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Posted By: Steve Shaw
15-May-13 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
Subject: RE: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
You see, pete, that's where you and your benighted ilk have got it so wrong. If in doubt, appeal to emotion. Carry on. Do the mummy and baby stuff, and get no answers. The sooner you and your fellow-travellers see that abortion is a practical matter, not a moral or emotional one*, the sooner we can get to work on getting those numbers down. But that isn't what you want, is it, pete. Oh no, that would not suit your moralising agenda at all. Get those numbers down and you'd have nothing to moralise about!

*Which is in no way intended to demean individual women who have abortions. There's nothing in a man's compass that could begin to compare with the emotional wrangle of going through an abortion. But I'm talking about how we as society need to take a step or two back to see this issue in the round. And I always come back to the point that morals have no place in the discussion about getting abortion numbers down. Morality-preaching, in this issue above almost all others, serves to cloud the situation. And I have yet to see a religious standpoint on abortion that would do anything other thn maintain abortion numbers at a high level.