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Posted By: Jim Dixon
15-May-13 - 07:30 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Whiskey You're the Divil
Subject: Lyr Add: WHISKEY YOU'RE A VILLYAN (Frank Drew)
Here's a more complete version of the broadside that Lew Becker referred to above, which can be viewed at Brown University Digital Repository. This copy keeps the original spelling and punctuation:

Written and sung by Mr. Frank Drew.
Entered according to Act of Congress A. D. 1865, by J. Marsh, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pa.

Oh! Whiskey you're a villyan, you led me astray,
Over bogs, over briers, an' out of my way,
You wrastled me a fall, an' you threw me to-day,
    But I'll toss you to-morrow when I'm sober.
            Whiskey, you're a villyan, &c.

Still Whiskey you're my comfort, by night an' by day,
You're stronger, an' are sweeter, an' spunkier than tay,
One naggin o' spirits is worth tons of Bohay,
    But above a pint I never could get over.
            Whiskey, you're a villyan, &c.

Sweet Whiskey, you're a coaxer, I'd best keep away,
If you're lips I once taste, sure it's wid you I'd stay,
So I'll make up my mind, an' my mouth, too, this day,
    To drink no more Whiskey till I'm sober.
            Whiskey, you're a villyan, &c.

So good bye, Whiskey, jewel, it's the last word I'll say,
Shake hands and part friends, now I'll stick to Bohay,
There's a bade on your lip! let me kiss it away,
    Acushla, you're my darlin', drunk or sober.
            Whiskey, you're a villyan, &c.

J. Marsh
Music Publisher,
No. 1029 Chestnut Street, Philada