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Posted By: JohnInKansas
15-May-13 - 09:38 PM
Thread Name: windows 8 microsoft admit failure
Subject: RE: windows 8 microsoft admit failure
The question of how to get new features in an old phone, in this case Android(?), may be something you can do with updates downloadable from on of the "official" stores, or it may require one of those "shadow world" methods that seem to be popular with some.

While it doesn't specifically address the question asked as far as I can see, some might be interested in "whatzitallabout" in this world we don't see too often out here in civilization.

15 technology tricks that are naughty but nice

> They're fun but you shouldn't do them, right?
> By Dan Tynan, InfoWorld | PC World | 05 November 10

> Rules were made to be broken, right? And technology is no exception. We've rounded up 15 awesome things relating to technology that you really shouldn't do. Break these rules at your own peril. ...

Note that I don't have any need to do any of this, so can't give any advice. These are just examples of some "tricks" given by a source that has been usually otherwise reputable, so you can see a little of the kinds of things at a "safe" place.

As the article says ... "at your own peril."