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Posted By: Steve Shaw
16-May-13 - 09:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
Subject: RE: BS: Strident atheism not a religion
I would never be rude to Jehovah's Witnesses or anyone else who knocked on my door and I always take their handouts and read them. It's quite instructive. If they've called at a bad time I'll tell them so, politely, but more often I'll have a little chinwag with 'em. There are always areas of agreement in any case. Yes, it is a wonderful world and yes, it all fills me with wonder as to how it all got here, etc. But then I have to tell them that the theory of evolution by natural selection explains all the diversity, beauty and complexity of life on Earth and that, in my view, inexplicably-complex and highly improbable bolt-ons to that, God for example, are not required. You simply can't explain something by conjuring up an "explanation" that is, in itself, totally inexplicable! That's usually the prompt for a fond farewell!