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Posted By: Stringsinger
16-May-13 - 05:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
Subject: RE: BS: Strident atheism not a religion
What is it about religion that makes people so angry? Why is it that a civilized discussion about it can't take place?

If it is such a problem, why even bother to respond to this thread or any other about
this issue?   If people are tired of this topic they have the option not to respond and ignore it and can curb their hostility.

The reason that atheists today are strident is precisely because there is a tendency to put non-believers in a little box and make all kinds of theories up about why they believe what they do. They are reviled by many people who are intolerant. They are treated as if they are sick puppies. Their stridency means they have been unduly maligned over the years.

Obviously, people do care about this issue since they bother to reply to it.

Why do threads pop up that try to define atheists as having pain, or another religion, or any futile pseudo-psychological analysis of their motives?

What is it about religion that makes people defensive? Is it that their own beliefs are shaky?

Why is religion considered such a sacred topic that it can't be talked about in the way we discuss politics or issues of social concerns or any other topic for that matter?

The thread that stated the canard that atheism was a kind of religion seems to have a lot of Mudcatters responding to it. That thread was helpful if it really got people thinking about it.   This thread is an answer to that other one.

I feel no hostility to anyone personally to anyone on Mudcat but there are a lot of bigoted and silly ideas floating around that need a response and deserve no respect.

One of them is that non-belief is a religion. Personally, I don't care what you believe as long as you don't attack atheists by foolish interpretations of how they think. Then that deserves a rational response.

Also, this is the BS section, not the music section and it's appropriate to discuss many topics here, some which may be uncomfortable.

Otherwise what's the point of having a BS section at all? Just "shut up and sing!"