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Posted By: olddude
16-May-13 - 06:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
Subject: RE: BS: Strident atheism not a religion
cause ya got three threads going on all with the same subject ... The issue has been debated to death. And it ain't just atheists either. It is the same issue with the neighbor lady that came to my house two years ago from the assembly of God Church. First I was polite but brief, the second time in the same week I was less then polite. The third time in the same week I went off on her and said my belief is private. My relationship with God is private. Nobody cares what you believe or don't Take it elsewhere. Likewise all these threads ever accomplish is a pissing match and nothing ever changes. Why bother. Everyone I talk to on mudcat gets fed up with them but is afraid to say anything. Me I am not afraid to say anything. But hey if it floats yer boat.