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Posted By: olddude
16-May-13 - 11:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
Subject: RE: BS: Strident atheism not a religion
You are right Steve I am angry. I have one thread on pocket and wrist watches. I don't start a new daily thread on them. I add to the thread that already exists. If you want to do your preaching, pick one of the 1000 threads that you bash everyone of any belief and go at it. The the rest of us don't have to wade through your preaching when we want to talk to our friends who lost a loved one or those are sick and getting chemo. Or just need some Spaw laughs. Instead we all have to jump over your preaching threads. I don't care what you believe or don't believe. I could give a rats ass wasting time trying to explain my beliefs because they, unlike yours are personal and private. You feel the need to aggravate half of the mudcat community with your new never ending thread preaching. Like I said if it is so important to you .. go knock on doors. I would say the same thing if one of the other believers in God did what you keep doing ... IE preaching about their beliefs.