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Posted By: Don Firth
17-May-13 - 01:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
Subject: RE: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
Once again, cut from up-thread a way and pasted again here, is my stance on abortion.

Does this sound, as Goofy claims, that I'm "pro-abortion?"
Subject: RE: BS: Roe vs Wade ByPass Effort
From: Don Firth - PM
Date: 07 Mar 13 - 08:07 PM

One solution that should be viable (if I can use that term in this context) is what is known as "Plan B," the "morning after pill. Birth control should be available to any woman who wants it, and should she have unprotected sex, she should have "Plan B" available as a backup.

What this does, as I understand it, is prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall. "Pro-lifers" object to this as merely another form of abortion, but there are two unknowns here.

1) Perhaps the ovum in question was NOT fertilized, hence not a potential person.

2) Who knows how many ova that have been fertilized fail to implant?

Good sex education and available birth control should prevent the problem of unwanted pregnancies in the first place, but if all else fails, abortion should be available to any woman who wants one.

If a woman is using abortion AS a method of birth control, she should be able to have the abortion, but should also receive a severe talking to and a swift kick in the butt!

One thing for sure:   if abortion is flat outlawed in this country, that won't stop wealthy women from taking a little vacation to somewhere where it is legal. Only the non-wealthy will be stuck with unwanted pregnancies.
I think that was clear enough for most relatively intelligent people.

Don Firth