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Posted By: Brendy
05-Dec-00 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: Andy Kaufman
Subject: Andy Kaufman
I saw the film 'Man on the Moon', recently, starring Jim Carrey, which documented the life and times of Andy Kaufman.
Outside of his appearances in 'Taxi', I knew nothing at all about this rather would you describe him....performance artist.

Seems there was a lot more to this guy than met the eye. As his fame never really spread to this side of the pond (not that I'm aware, anyway), I was wondering if anyone ever saw a gig of his, or just what did you think of him?

Carrey did, IMO, an excellent job in portraying this complex man - I wish he would stick to rĂ´les like this, instead of wasting himself on rubbish such as 'Dum and Dummer' (or whatever that film was called).