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19-May-13 - 11:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obamagate and Mean Republicans
The media have already come forward that the the republicans in the house lied about what was in the Benghazi email train. So that is essentially a made up scandal. As for the IRS, when you stake your claim as being anti-tax and anti-IRS (until your guy gets in the White House and they're OK), you should expect the IRS to scrutinize you. I mean if you drive around with pro-marijuana stickers all over your car, you're going to get stopped by the cops a lot. May not be fair if you haven't violated any traffic rules but you should also KNOW you are making yourself a target.

Is Obama honest? Fuck no, he isn't honest. He's the president. Name one that was honest. That's like complaining Saddam Hussein was a dictator. Of course, he was, how else do you think he maintained his power?

The media love it, though, and play up on it like it's this huge scandal when really most people don't care. The public is largely apathetic unless it has something do with job creation, which, of course, it doesn't. We're talking the republicans, after all.

From a Yahoo article:

"According to two polls ? the Gallup daily tracking poll, and a CNN/ORC International poll released Sunday ? Obama's approval rating has more or less remained steady as potential scandal upon potential scandal blew up the news cycle."

Bottom line: the public don't give a fuck. Start creating jobs or shut up.