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Posted By: Georgiansilver
20-May-13 - 01:13 AM
Thread Name: Blitherscrum Folk Festival 2013.
Subject: RE: Blitherscrum Folk Festival 2013.
Some folkies have PM'd me re the directions for getting to Blitherscrum but sadly I have a map and it doesn't show Blitherscrum on
I assume all UK members know where Birmingham is..........well it's nowhere near there so that's a start. It is so easy to get to!
Turn left at the 'Beastie and the Pig' and go about four miles before turning right at the 'Crab and Organ'. Take the fork in the road a you might need it to eat with if we are short at camp. Left again at the 'Nude and voyeur' and immediate left following the sign which says 'Blitherscrum Folly'.....This road takes you direct to the campsite which you can't miss as the sign outside says 'DEAD END'.....which I hope doesn't put too many off. Any further difficulties please phone me at Naffhall 1212....
May I wish you all a pleasant trip to the Festival