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Posted By: Rick Fielding
05-Dec-00 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: Andy Kaufman
Subject: RE: Andy Kaufman
Wow, I guess I'm the dissenting voice (so far) here. I'd have to put Andy Kaufman near the very top of the list of people who've made me laugh hysterically over the years. Like a lot of total risk-takers, he seemed to be extremely troubled, and his bizarre personal behaviour made it tough on people around him, but for a few short years he was the most inventive comic I've ever seen.

I remember seeing one of his first appearances on Saturday Night Live, where he did his "Shy foreign man" character (similar to Latka, on Taxi). This timid stumbling little person morphs into the most astonishing Elvis impersonation you could ever imagine.

He did a bit on David Letterman's show once that ended in a fist fight and threatened lawsuits with one of the other guests, that for years I thought HAD to have been totally legit (til I read the book) and found that it was scripted ahead of time.

I have to agree that Toronto's Jim Carrey, gave a wonderful performance in the film, and that I can barely stand to watch the rest of the drek that he saddles himself with....but that's the point, I guess. Carrey is HUGELY popular...loved by some, hated by others. Kaufman was to me, a great comedian, to others, a complete waste of time.

Brendy, oddly enough, while on the road the last week, I listened to the "talking book" biography of Andy (NOT the one the film was based on), and it was completely fascinating. I've briefly forgotten the title (another senior moment) but if you'd like, I'll get it for you. Perhaps the tape or the book is available in one of your libraries..that's where I got my copy. Bet you'd find it interesting.