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Posted By: John in Brisbane
17-Aug-98 - 10:10 PM
Thread Name: Parting songs
Hi Wolfgang,

Just had a look and listen to 'Mount and Go' in the DT. While The McCalmans have adapted a number of Burns writings, both the lyric structure and tune seem to be quite different.

The lyrics that I can recall to 'Bound To Go' are as follows (I may be mixing up some of the verses):

We are three lowland travellers And now we must away It's hullo and goodbye Are the words we mostly say, We might see you in the autimn When the leaves are falling round So farewell good people We're all bound to go

Bound to go, bound to go, So farewell good people We're all bound to go.

Some asides:

- The DT does not acknowledge Burns as the author of 'Mount and Go'.

- I couldn't download the on-line tune for 'Mount and Go', but was able to do so from the ever reliable, non GUI download version of the entire DT. Well done Mr Greenhaus and others. The old-fashioned version is still exceedingly useful.

Regards John