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Posted By: catspaw49
05-Dec-00 - 01:45 PM
Thread Name: Andy Kaufman
Subject: RE: Andy Kaufman
I loved Lenny Bruce.....still do. And Richard Pryor. Men who could make you laugh, cry, and squirm, at the same time. And I loved Ernie Kovacs, Sid Caesar, Steve Allan..........all brilliant and perceptive in understanding comedy and the many ways that TV could be used. And I loved Keaton and Harold Lloyd who took finely crafted characters into situations both frightening and funny with their genius. And I loved the wordplay of Groucho and the writings of George Kaufman.

Personal opinion? I saw a lot of Andy Kaufman outside of "Taxi." From his Mighty Mouse to Foreign Man to Elvis to Pro Wrestler. He isn't/wasn't worthy to clean the dog crap off the shoes of the others and in fact may be the dog crap.

Opinions are like assholes. I have one, I may be one, but Andy Kaufman was the King of all assholes.

But.....I do like Jim Carrey in the roles like this though. Thought he was excellent in "Liar, Liar."