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Posted By: GUEST,Rev Bayes
25-May-13 - 07:34 AM
Thread Name: Origins: The Battle of Otterburn / Lammas Tide
Subject: RE: Chords Req: The Battle of Otterburn
The chords as given in the Corries songbook are more or less as per Jim's, but down a fifth in G. I don't remember it being that low, so I suspect they capoed it back up.

Their version is just the first eight verses which hangs together pretty well.

(G)It fell about the (C)Lammas (G)tide,
When the muir-men (D7)whin their (G)hay,
The doughty (Em)Douglas (C)bound him to (G)ride
Into England, to drive a (D7)prey.
He (G)chose the (Em)Gordons (C)and the (G)Graemes,
The Lindesays, light and (D7)gay;
But the (G)Jardines wadnae (C)wi' him (G)ride,
And they rue it (D7)to this (G)day.