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Posted By: Jim Dixon
26-May-13 - 08:43 AM
Thread Name: Songs about Horses
Subject: Lyr Add: MANDRAKE (Tex Morton)
As sung by Tex Morton on "Timeless Country: Tex Morton" and "Tex Morton: Original Recordings Vol. 2: 1936-1938"


1. I've told you of Aristocrat and good old Rocky Ned.
Their names will be remembered long after they are dead.
They've thrown the best of riders, the greatest of all time,
But now I'll tell you all about this new outlaw of mine.

2. We used to call him Slipp'ry when he came with the show,
But I changed his name to Mandrake; there's no trick he don't know.
He tries a new one every night; he never bucks the same.
Mandrake is a wizard so that's how he got his name.

CHORUS. Screw down the saddle; make it good and tight.
Back from the ropes, please; ask him is he right.
Pick up your mate, lads; he had a nasty fall.
They're all the same to Mandrake, champions and all.

3. Now all you local riders, come here and gather 'round.
Stay on his back ten seconds and I'll pay a hundred pound.
The champion o' Queensland got on to ride him 'round.
He rode him just two seconds: one up, one comin' down.

4. A fella came in the other night to show what he could do.
He thought that he'd be clever, so he painted his pants with glue.
Mandrake threw him easily; he says, "Huh, I don't mind."
I said, "Old chap, take a look at yourself; you've left your pants behind."


5. A new chum went up to the boys just the other night.
Mandrake got mixed up on the ropes and gave him a heck of a fright.
"Eh, what'll I do if horse gets out of ring?" I heard him say.
"Well, you jump into the ring, then, pal, and you'll be quite okay."

6. I have a little saying; it's one you ought to know.
It's always been the motto of my travelling rodeo:
"There never was a rider who never could be throwed,
And there never was a bronco that never could be rode."