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Posted By: Amos
28-May-13 - 10:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Delightful Novel: Beyond the Cascade
Subject: RE: BS: Delightful Novel: Beyond the Cascade
All righty, then! The final-final file is safely ensconced in the dank interior of BookBaby's gigantic server. As soon as they can process it, we will get it blessed and delivered-- to Amazon firat, others following according to their lag.

I owe a great deal of thanks to many Mudcatters for their encouragement in getting this very large project through to completion, in particular to the benevolence of WYSIWIG and the fiery insight of Jen Oaks, whose presence int hese halls is sorely missed. Some of you may vaguely recall when I swore I was dropping out of Mudcat to concentrate on this book, a vow I could not bear to keep. That was many years back, and the book is scarcely recognizable after all the improving it has undergone since then.

But now it is done and on its way to the world, and we shall see how fertile the ground on which it doth fall. :D