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Posted By: Bill D
05-Dec-00 - 06:55 PM
Thread Name: Andy Kaufman
Subject: RE: Andy Kaufman
I saw a lot of Kaufman...and he could be outstandingly funny at one moment and embarrassing the next...he seemed to me, in his later years, to lose track of the dividing line between comedy and simply 'happening'...but even his 'happenings' were often inspired...(like the time he did a show, then took the entire audience out for milk and cookies afterward (on two rented buses) were amazing...but the "wrestling" nonsense was grounds for committment! (doubt that even the Neil Young Center could have coped with Andy at his worst)...

It was fascinating watching the TV specials on his life, where the 'in' jokes were revealed...but the ultimate irony to that strange life was that, when he contracted the disease that finally killed him, many people never believed him...thinking that this was just one more of Andy's complex routines, and that any day he'd get out of the wheelchair and do the 'finish'.....and Andy never quite 'saw' it...he was terribly upset that his friends didn't BELIEVE he was dying!