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30-May-13 - 01:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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Why yes, Mister Rapp-Head, as a matter of fact it can be very good. Very good indeed.

Interestingly enough everyone who has read it has been abundantly positive about it.

HEre are the major reviews to date:

What Readers are saying about Beyond the Cascade:

"A real page turner! Skillfully written.

Vivid- elegant images. A lovely spiritual mystery. Smart and

interesting characters. Wow!

It is a wonderful book – you did it. It is intelligent, good, sensitive -- It's beautiful. And very haunting."

Oscar-winning film director B. Salzman

"I really could not put it down.
You've really caught how people talk when they are talking about important things. The descriptive passages are wonderful... original and thought-provoking .

I would like to know these people. "

S. Hinton, Pastor's wife, northern Pennsylvania

"A wicked good read. I am amazed nonetheless. Story itself, superb. and handled VERY well. "
J. Oaks, veterinarian, Washington State

"Okay, I'm up to pg 119 and enthralled. I'm astounded at your infinite ability to visualize for me as a reader what I'm supposed to in this story."

"I'm detecting a very subtle shift from plausible magic, into the "implausible" world of sci-fi...I mean as a reading public generally knows it, with a little irony thrown in.   It's fun as hell, no doubt about it, …This is a rather deep spiritual journey … People who have explored things beyond what is evident in front of them, will sail along with it, people who haven't or can't could still be entertained."

" I can't put it down! The language is beautiful, it's funny, it's thoughtful, it's deep - dialogue is great - action is penetrating...really presented well, and the philosophy touches probably on every thought anyone ever had about anything. Where does this come from? How do you DO that? 'm really enjoying this."

C. W., artist and author, St. Croix, BVI

Beyond the Cascade is an engaging and exciting quest for both self-discovery and a greater understanding of the spiritual world.

The intensity of the protagonist and the adventures she encounters make for a page-turning read. The fact that Suzannah's inner struggles mirror her external struggles (and triumphs) creates an interesting scale that offers the novel a sense of continuity. Overall, this was a very compelling and satisfying read. … Immediately, I felt I was in the hands of a capable writer. The story is interesting at every turn. There is a lot going on, but the clarity of the writing and the quick pace make the journey manageable and enjoyable. … The different settings are one of the great joys of this manuscript. New York is described vividly and accurately and when the story turns to Africa the reader is in for a real treat. The description of the physical scene is rich and engages many of the senses and the descriptions of the "aura," or feeling of the places (that are so essential to the plot of the story), are equally as intricate and intense. It was such a pleasure to be transported so completely from place to place.

K.M., editor, NYC, NY

Great, great, great!!
C.B., reader
San Diego, CA

The story is fascinating, the style unique!
L.K., editor, San Diego

Really lovely. The writing is delicious. It is near perfection.
V.T, reader, San Diego

Wow! OMG! Wow! I was truly enthralled throughout. Beautifully written, beautifully and brilliantly threaded together; I think it's a brilliant book, beautiful story. Incredibly well paced. Thank you for this gift!!

D.M., copy editor, San Diego