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Posted By: Don Firth
30-May-13 - 02:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obamagate and Mean Republicans
World Net Daily was founded by Joseph Farah, an arch-conservative writer who acts as its editor-in-chief. He formerly collaborated with Rush Limbaugh in writing a book. This might give you some idea of which direction Joseph Farah is coming from.

World Net Daily utilizes a number of contributing writers, including Pat Buchanan, Ellis Washington, Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh (Rush Limbaugh's younger brother), and Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly. It also has featured weekly columns by Libertarians (not Liberals, but Libertarians, who tend to be disciples of the social and economic philosophy of Ayn Rand, which, among other things, calls for complete and total deregulation of all business, industry, and banking and ending welfare programs and Social Security) Walter Williams, Vox Day, and Ilana Mercer.

World Net Daily published several articles claiming that the World Trade Center was destroyed by shaped charges and that the footage of airliners crashing into the buildings shown on the news were special effects films produced by either Lucas Film or Disney Studios. This, the claim goes, was to stage a "Pearl Harbor" to justify our invading the Middle East in pursuit of their oil fields.

World Net Daily emerged as a leading outlet publicizing conspiracy theories about Barack Obama's citizenship status, claiming that Obama is not a natural-born American citizen and is thus not eligible to serve as president.

The Obama birth certificate controversy is a long running pet gripe of Joseph Farah and received excessive coverage on WND. On most days, the vast majority, if not all, of its headlines, tended to be about the so-called "controversy." The headlines that were not about the birth-certificate or eligibility are their "special offers" or other advertisements for books such as "How to Survive the Coming Holocaust." The website will host any article which contains any opinion that could possibly point to Obama being ineligible to be President of the United States. Despite there being a very high quality picture of his birth certificate on the internet, they still believe he is ineligible because:

1. He was born in Kenya, his Grandma said so.

2. He was born in an unnamed hospital in Hawaii, which does not claim credit.

3. They only showed his birth certificate to a "select few media outlets," not to WND, so it must be fake.

4. Even if it is real, the certificate is a "Certificate of Live Birth" not a "Birth Certificate", so it proves nothing (The Governor of Hawaii has said repeatedly that the "Certificate of Live Birth" IS the official birth certificate issued in the state of Hawaii).

5. Even if he has a "long-form" birth certificate, he lived in Indonesia for some years and gave up his American citizenship.

6. Even if he lived in Indonesia without giving up his US citizenship, his father was Kenyan and so does not meet our the Constitution's definition of "natural born citizen", because both parents have to be US citizens.

Just to show their determination to get that black Democrat out of the White House uphold the Constitution, they claim to have raised more than $65,000 to erect billboards around the country with the message "Where's the Birth Certificate?"

And other than his campaign against President Obama, Farah has frothing at the mouth screaming fits at the idea of same-sex marriage, and claims that God will destroy America if this ever comes to pass.


I am not at all surprised that Goofballupagus gets his "news" from this "source."

Don Firth