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Posted By: GUEST,Judy Predmore
05-Dec-00 - 08:52 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Sea Coal (Graeme Miles) ^^
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: sea coal (Graeme Miles)
Nutty, Could you print this thread for Graeme, after it accumulates a little more praise? Anyone who could write songs like "El Dorado" & "Exercise 77", thinking one's a throwaway & the other's an unfinished song, needs all the praise they can get. Actually I think he gets alot of praise, but has a hard time taking it all in, or agreeing with it. Some people are unbelievably humble...

I've been meaning to write Graeme a "fan letter" & ask for the lyrics to "An Evening in Summer", for a while. Martyn Wyndham-Read gave me Graeme's address, but I keep losing it before I ever get around to snail mailing him, (probably because I spend too much time emailing...)Does anyone know the lyrics to "An Evening in Summer"? It has a few lyrics which are confusing me, probably because I'm not British... Does anyone have the lyrics? If it will be in the book, I can wait...

I live in Boston, USA, & have been a huge fan of Graeme's since I heard Martyn Wyndham-Read sing some of his songs last time he was in the US, a few years ago. Martyn has sung one of Graeme's songs on at least 4 or more of his recordings, some of which are CD's easily available on the net.

And if you don't already have the Wilson Family's LP, (titled "Horumaye" or something like that), with a dozen or so of Graeme's songs, including "Sea Coal", I recommend you get a copy of it somehow. It's probably out of print. I'd be happy to tape it for anyone who can't get it elsewhere, (though I can't promise when I'd get around to snail mailing it...)

Nutty, could you also keep us informed about the new compilation of Graeme's previously unrecorded songs that should come out on CD in the next year or so? Some of Graeme's better known fans, like Martyn Wyndham-Read, & I think Sara Gray, & I can't remember who else is working on it. It should be great!

I sing 5 of Graeme's songs, & get very positive feedback about them. Some are great chorus songs, & some are songs of love & life that would melt your heart. Graeme is definitely one of my favorite songwriters...

Does anyone know of any other recordings of Graeme's songs?