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Posted By: Ron Davies
31-May-13 - 09:23 PM
Thread Name: Margaritaville, most lucrative song ever
Subject: RE: Margaritaville, most lucrative song ever
"pick a fight"    C'mon, Jeri, simmer down. There really is a difference between a debate and a fight--and we should be able to see that difference.    Do you need more sleep?

It's an novel idea--how somebody can create an business empire on the basis of capturing in one song how great it is to be a beach bum.    It's loaded with irony--which course makes it that much more fascinating. (At least I think so--but then I'm always looking for irony.)

But it sure seems to be a fact.

And Jimmy, I suspect, has no objection to the persona he's created for himself--and reinforced with other songs.    He might well think it beats a 9 to 5 job.    He might well be right.   And it doesn't seem likely he'll have to worry about retirement, for instance.   You could see him as a huge winner in the game of capitalism.   Some may resent this.   I don't.   He saw a market niche--and filled it perfectly. Good for him. And he's brought pleasure to lots of people --either at his concerts, or just in their own fantasy lives.

We could analyze the lyrics of the song--particularly its non-threatening nature, including being sexually non-threatening, and its instrumentation.    I'd think this might be an interesting exercise.   But it's pretty clear that I'd be in the minority on this, so we can pass (huge sigh of relief on Mudcat).

However I would like to mention that there have recently been others who have tried to at least share some of the Buffet magic (not Warren).    The obvious choice here is Kenney Chesney--definitely the easy-going beach fun type approach.   Alan Jackson has also made a bid for some of the Buffet luster--even had Jimmy share part of the song "5 O'Clock Somewhere"--to the huge acclaim of his audience.   And of course that song has in large part the same appeal. You could see it, I suppose, at least partly appealing to the same group that really liked the Beach Boys.    And I wouldn't quarrrel with that idea--in fact I really like all of the above.

Even Joe, above, admits to being seduced by the song.    It's a fun song--I don't really think Joe hates himself for liking it.   Say it ain't so, Joe.