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Posted By: Joe Offer
31-May-13 - 09:45 PM
Thread Name: Margaritaville, most lucrative song ever
Subject: RE: Margaritaville, most lucrative song ever
Ron, read what I said again. Yeah, it's an earworm and I hate myself for letting it run through my head; but I really think there's something interesting in the song. I think it's self-loathing, and I think it's parallel to the same self-loathing that Hemingway experienced during his time in Key West.

Kevin, I'm going to have to make a visit to England and introduce you to margaritas. I am one of those people who love Wikipedia, despite the criticism. To me, for the most part, it's right. Click here for the entire article, but here's a summary:It's expensive to get really good tequila that with bourbon and brandy on the rocks, not blended - with salt on the rim of the glass if I have the energy. I tend to add a bit of water so it's not quite so sweet. To my mind, this is the best mixed drink ever invented - and all that fruit in it. serves to give you the illusion that it's healthy.

You people in England, you owe it to your cultural literacy to at least try a margarita. I suppose the most common thing is to put the concoction in a blender with ice and grind it up into an icy beverage - but that gives me an "ice cream headache" every time I take a sip. So, I take it on the rocks, it's very good. Since I stopped drinking martinis and switched to straight gin, margaritas are my favorite mixed drink.

Oh, and make a visit to Key West while you're at it, but keep in mind that you'll probably find better margaritas at any Mexican restaurant, anywhere in the United States.

And I's my own damn fault.