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01-Jun-13 - 04:22 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Boulby Mine - chords?
Subject: Lyr Add: BOULBY MINE (Ray Edwards / Bob Skingle)
Dear lecheffe:

Thanks to the effort of Stan and Robin, both of whom were instrumental in the lyrics being here, and both of whom are wonderful people, here they are. Lyrics posted with permission. I shall be sending a link to Bob and with luck he'll post here. Watch this site.



Words, Brian and Ray Edwards; music, Bob Skingle

I served me time on Tyneside as a welder in the yards.
I did me share and laid the metal down
Till the day when Shuffling Billy sadly told me "Get your cards"
And I blew me packet at the Rose and Crown.

CHORUS: So pack me duffel, Mary, my old darling.
I'm sick of standing waiting in a line.
The yards are laying off from here to Tyneside,
So I'm going to try me luck at Boulby Mine.

They told me there's a fortune to me made down on the moors
Where they're digging out the potash by the ton.
They're tunnelling like rabbits with their power-driven claws.
They'll have tunnelled clear to Poland 'fore they're done.

Me father told me, "Laddie, you must go and learn a trade.
I don't want you lying on your back like me,
For the only tools I've mastered are a pick-axe and a spade,
But now the mine has got the best of me."

I'm glad that my poor father never lived to see the day
When I'm working down a hole to earn a pound
But me pride will never let me go on welfare for me pay
So in the morning I'll be underground.