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Thread Name: Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman
Subject: Index: Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman
This is MMario's thread. He started it and did most of the work. I thought it might be a good idea to grace his thread with an index at the top.
Amazon says this book is still in print, and available in paperback for $19.95. I'll betcha it's available at the store at Mystic Seaport, and you could buy Stan Hugill's Shanties from the Seven Seas ($13.97 at Amazon) at the same time. Apparently, Amazon and Mystic they don't have Boxing the Compass, the renamed new edition of Roy Palmer's Oxford Book of Sea Songs.
-Joe Offer-

Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman
William Main Doerflinger (1909-2000)

Originally published in 1951 as Shantymen and Shantyboys
Second printing, retitled Songs of the Sailor and Lumbermen, 1972.
Revised with additions, 1990

Alabama, The
Anchor’s Aweigh, The
As I Went A-Walking Down Ratcliffe Highway

Banks of Newfoundland, The
Banks of the Gaspereaux, The
Banks of the Roses, The
Beware of Larry Gorman
Big Five-Gallon Jar, The
Blow, Boys, Blow
Blow the Man Down
Bold Manning
Bold McCarthy (The City of Baltimore)
Bold Princess Royal, The
Bound Down to Newfoundland
Boys of the Island, The
Burns and His Highland Mary
Burns’s Log Camp

Call John the Boatman
Campañero, The
Canso Strait
Can’t They Dance the Polka!
Charles Gustavus Anderson
City of Baltimore, The
Coast of Peru, The
Come All You Bold Canadians
Come Down, You Bunch of Roses, Come Down
Corbitt’s Barkentine
Cumberland’s Crew, The

Dark-Eyed Sailor, The
Donzella and the Ceylon, The
Dreadnought, The
Drowsy Sleeper, The (Who’s That at My Bedroom Window?)
Drunken Sailor, The
Duffy’s Hotel
Dying Soldier, The

Early in the Morning (The Drunken Sailor)
Ebenezer, The

Famous Light Brigade, The
Female Warrior, The
First of the Emigrants, The
Flat River Girl, The (Jack Haggerty)
Flying Cloud, The
Flying Dutchman, The

Gale of August, ‘27, The
George Whalen (Whalen’s Fate)
Ghostly Crew, The
Gimme de Banjo
Gull Decoy, The

Hanging Johnny
Harry Dunne
Haul Away, Joe
Haul on the Bowline
Heave Away
Hello, Somebody
Highland Laddie
History of Prince Edward Island, The
Homeward Bound
Huckleberry Hunting

I Am a Wild Young Irish Boy
I’m a Decent Boy from Ireland
In Measure Time We’ll Row
Irish Girl’s Lament

Jack Haggerty
Jack Tar
Ja, Ja, Ja!
Jam on Gerry’s Rock, The
Jealous Lover, The
Jean François (Boney)
John Brown’s Body
John Dameray
Johnny Boker
Johnny Walk Along to Hilo
Jolly Young Sailor and the Beautiful Queen, The

Lady Franklin’s Lament
Lady of the Lake, The
Leave Her, Johnny (Time for Us to Leave Her)
Leaving of Liverpool, The
Let Go the Reef Tackle
Light on Cape May, The
Little Golden Ring, The
Long Time Ago, A
Loss of the Cedar Grove, The
Loss of the Druid, The
Loss of the Ramillies, The (The Ship Rambolee)
Lumber Camp Song, The
Lumberman’s Alphabet, The

Maid I Left Behind, The
Maids of Simcoe, The
Mainsail Haul
Mary on the Silvery Tide
McCullam Camp (The Winter of ‘73)
McKinley Brook
Messenger Song, The
Millman Song, The
Mouth of the Tobique, The

Nightingale, The,

Ocean Burial, The,
Off to Sea Once More
Old Oak Tree, The
Our Jack’s Come Home Today

Paddy Doyle
Paddy, Get Back
Paddy West
Paisley Officer, The
Perigoo’s Horse
Peter Emberley
Plain Golden Band, The
Poor Old Man

Red Light Saloon, The
Reuben Ranzo
Rio Grande
Rise Me Up from Down Below
Roll, Julia, Roll
Roll the Cotton Down
Rolling Home
Row, Bullies, Row (Roll, Julia, Roll)
Rufus’s Mare

Sailor Boy, The
Sailor’s Grace, The
Sailor’s Grave, The
Sailor’s Way, The
Sally Brown
Sally Monroe
Santy Anna
Schooner Blizzard, The
Schooner Kandahar, The
Scow on Cowden Shore, The
Shallo Brown
Shantyboys’ Song, The
Shantyman’s Life, A
Ship Rambolee, The
Silk Merchant’s Daughter, The
So Handy
Soldier and the Sailor, The
South Australia
Southerly Wind
Spring Trip of the Schooner Ambition, The
Stately Southerner, The
Swansea Town

They All Love Jack
Time for Us to Leave Her
Tom Dixon
Tomah Stream
Tommy’s Gone to Hilo
Trip to the Grand Banks, A
Two Lovers Discoursing

We’ll Have Another Drink Before the Boat Shoves Off
We’ll Roll the Golden Chariot Along
Were You Ever in Dumbarton?
Wexford Girl, The,
Whalen’s Fate
When Johnson’s Ale Was New
Whiskey, Johnny
Who’s That at My Bedroom Window?
Wife of Kelso, The
Wily Auld Cane, The (The Wife of Kelso)
Winter of ‘73, The

Young Billy Crane
Young Forbest