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Posted By: GUEST,Dr Jack
05-Jun-13 - 10:53 AM
Thread Name: Songs About Thatcher
Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
Just composed a song to the tune of Dr Freud, which I heard by Pete Seeger in 1959. Always thought it had a touch of Tom Lehrer

DING DONG                                                
©Jack Warshaw 2013
Tune: Dr Freud (D Lazar)

It was back in 79, not so very long ago
When bankers weren't getting quite so rich
That a Tory politician came to better her position
And become the British nation's leading bitch


Ding dong, Lady Blue
You're gone for good, let's give a rousing boo   
You'll fly around no more on that broomstick by the door
And we'll never see another witch like you

The little war she soon selected, well it got her re-elected
Sold off every public service in a flash
She freely swung the chopper till the poll tax came a cropper
And vowed trade union rights would soon be smashed

She snatched school milk away, supported Pinochet
Doubled VAT and unemployment overnight
Immigrants with darker skin were the enemy within
While she handbagged every minister in sight   

Now the old witch has departed but not so the plan she started
It's still gospel to her followers today
Her ghost will be to thank for "screw the workers, up the bankers."
And it's once again the poor who have to pay.