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Posted By: GUEST,Dr Jack
06-Jun-13 - 01:22 PM
Thread Name: Songs About Thatcher
Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
"Has anyone written songs about Scargill he caused as much heartache and pain as anyone"

Scargill's blunt but truthful abrasiveness or Thatcher's silky, murderous Wicked Queen? I know which I prefer.

Loads of songs in support of the miners, led by Scargill. Here's one to the tune of "Hold the Line Again" (the Grunwick Strike song)
penned by Jack Warshaw and Sandra Kerr for the miners benefit.

HOLD THE LINE AGAIN ? Miners version

                                ©music by Jack Warshaw
                                Lyrics by Sandra Kerr and Jack Warshaw

It was in the spring of '84 the news was goin' round
That Thatcher told MacGregor to run the coal mines down
But in every mining village miners knew their cause was right
With the NUM behind us this time we're gonna fight

        Brothers hold the line again, sisters hold the line again
        We'll be a little stronger if we hold the line again
        We held it once at Pentonville, at Saltley we did reign
        So let's all stand together and hold the line again

Of all the hard times we have had the miner's had his share
All through our labour history the miner's always there
Now with their wives they've organised to show what can be done
For a fight that's fought together is a fight that can be won
The Tolpuddle martyrs back in 1834
Fought for the right to organise and we must fight once more
We carry that tradition we can reap what they have sown
When you're standing with the union, you never stand alone
A job, a home, a decent wage, for all an equal share
To each according to their need is only right and fair
And you and I need unions like a flower needs the sun
To stop the bastards taking back the things that we have won
So now the strike is over but the struggle will go on
Till there's justice for the miners don't let them stand alone
We'll raise the union banner and like those who fought before
We may not win every battle but we're sure to win the war

Final chorus