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Posted By: GUEST,Lyle
06-Dec-00 - 11:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Red Cross, WWII, and my in-laws
Subject: RE: BS: The Red Cross, WWII, and my in-laws
Unfortunately, rumors spread like wildfire in the military, especially in times of war when there thousands of draftees. I've been there. I've seen ARC do marvelous things for the troops, and I've seen the Salvation Army do marvelous things for the troops. And on occasion, I've seen each of them do something that an individual service person didn't like. Unfortunately, it is the latter that gets remembered and talked about. It's no fun nor great conversation to talk a year later about how good one or the other organizations were, but makes great conversation to talk about a single incident where they were bad. Then the next person has to tell one worse incident to keep things going, and pretty soon it becomes an urban legend.

I take my hat off to both of these organizations.