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Posted By: Amos
12-Jun-13 - 12:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I have just returned from Ms. Palin's home turf, the home of the eagle, the salmon, the grizzly, the moose. I have seen the land on which the Bridge toNowhere was planned (and should have been built except for becoming a political football). I have sipped the blkue waters of the Mendenhall, and stared in the face of the calving Marjorie Glacier, dodged the growlers of Glacier Bay, climbed the high flanks of the rain forest of Skagway and ziplined among her ancient pines, and steered a high-speed Zodfiac among the back channels and islets of Ketchikan's waters. I have drubk Alaskan Amber t the Red Dog, and even performed a set at the Juneau Salmon Bake camp. I have stolled the ancient mining sites outside of Juneau guided by the ineffable spirit of KT and dined with the venerable Ebb. I have taken hundreds of pictures of steely skies, granit mountains rounded down by the march of primeval ice, and the elegant culinary delights of the Norwegian Sun, a luxurious ome away from home. I have slept to the rollers of the Gulf of Alaska and woken at the first whisper of sub-Arctic dawn to brave the frozen winds coming down from the seventy-two mile back track of the Marjorie Glacier and her sisters. I have seen the Grizzly and watched the eagle snatch salmon from the sea, guarded by his mate from the intervention of gulls or ravens. I have tasted the spray of the frozen North and found it good.

(Movie at eleven. Stay tuned!) a

Therefore, fellow mortals of the House of Mom, ask not what we might do about AMos; he has already done it.

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