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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
13-Jun-13 - 05:17 AM
Thread Name: News story on Bob Brozman allegations
Subject: RE: News story on Bob Brozman allegations
Guest Joanie, I don't think I follow you... you're saying that committing suicide despite having a relationship & a child is "evidence"?? Evidence of what? Paedophilia? Are you kidding, or trolling, or what????

And: How on earth do you know it was sudden? The final act itself - the thing everyone can see - often is, but who can really know how long the path leading to it was?

The list of suicides who left weeping spouses and children behind is endless (including the non-famous people we've all known). Each person's grief and backstory is different, and to lump them under one huge and vague category and then make blanket judgments is ludicrous and deeply unfair. Not only to them but to the people who loved them and were left behind. They're already in enough pain as it is.

Unless I've misunderstood you? But I can't come up with any other interpretation of that astonishing statement.