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Posted By: Burke
06-Dec-00 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Blessed Quietness
Subject: RE: Help: Blessed Quietness
Since some of your request was in the old thread, I'm taking the liberty of repeating it here.

As for "Blessed Quietness", I've tracked it back to an American Seventh Day Adventist song book of about 1898, but that gives a different tune to the one known in England and beautifully recorded by Beggar's Velvet a few years back. Does anyone have any idea where the English version of the tune came from?
[end quote]

I don't have much idea either. Are the versions you found under Brendy's link the same as in the hymnal or what you're looking for? Is there a recording out there on the WEB somewhere that we could listen to?

There's a book used in the UK that seems to just get referred to a Sankey. I don't know the title, but I've been told it's a good source for this type of stuff. Sankey was from the US, but his UK book had lots of good hymns he could not include in his US publications due to copyright restrictions. In those days copyright was not reciprocal so things copyrighted here could be freely copied there. (Don't quote me on any of this, it's just what I've been told)