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Posted By: gnu
15-Jun-13 - 10:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Delightful Novel: Beyond the Cascade
Subject: RE: BS: Delightful Novel: Beyond the Cascade
I shall delay until such time as I am able to insert it into my bedtime reading lying in bed with a book I can FEEL. I have not done so in four months as I am distracted with other things, especially with an environmental and social cause. Alas, I have just taken on another. This one shall be even far more challenging as the people up in arms over it are more concerned with their arms than addressing the big picture in a logical and thoughtful approach while the corporations and politicians push their buttons and smoke and mirror them. Sigh. So sad when ya gotta fight ignorance on YER OWN SIDE ta get anywhere against the other side. Nobody ever said being a social reformist and environmental hero would be easy but this shit is gettin me down.