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Posted By: Ebbie
22-Jun-13 - 09:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do You Ever Lose Your Temper?
Subject: BS: Do You Ever Lose Your Temper?
I'm normally a fairly peaceable sort here in this Senior Center, I think. At least, in my daily life here; I've been here only since late January and like most of the people I've met.

But yesterday on my way home through the lobby to the elevator, I heard a well-dressed woman - not a tenant here - with a clipboard in her hands telling two or three tenants of the liberties we in the USA have lost under Obama. Of course, I paused and listened.

And then she said, "And now we've lost the right to assemble. Yes. If we assemble for a peaceful discussion, they will monitor us and then they will send the armed drones and if we don't stop, they will take us out."

I exploded.

She says, "Yes. Just today, the Supreme Court ruled that we can no longer assemble."

I say quite a bit more and then I go upstairs fuming.

Why do I ALWAYS say Bullshit(e)?