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Posted By: katlaughing
22-Jun-13 - 10:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do You Ever Lose Your Temper?
Subject: RE: BS: Do You Ever Lose Your Temper?
I don't think getting riled about someone propagating lies of this nature as "losing one's temper." I think of it more as defending our country from lunatics. My best published op/ed pieces were written when I was very angry about any certain subject. I'd start writing so fast the sparks would fly.**bg** I always got a lot of response on those ones, too.

You write well. Next time see if you can get it down on paper, then share it, if you'd like. Most all, don't beat yourself up over it!

kat whose hair was still a natural red in her twenties, she had a flash temper, and was known as "Irish" at the bar where she worked.hahahah!

Keep it up, Ebbie. You are an inspiration.