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Posted By: Little Hawk
24-Jun-13 - 06:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do You Ever Lose Your Temper?
Subject: RE: BS: Do You Ever Lose Your Temper?
You needed Ron Davies there, Ebbie. He'd have eviscerated the woman with his devastating sarcasm and ridicule, reduced her ego to a bare hollow shell by pointing out her many obvious faults and delusions, then demolished her very sense of human identity, and then blown her clean out of this dimension with a final and utterly damning series of calumnatory personal remarks and astute political observations, backed up by massive factual references complete with annotated footnotes. There'd not even have been enough left of her to spit on. It's called "The Davies Method". Many aspire to it, but few have ever mastered it.

One thing I'd love to have seen is a debate between William F. Buckley Jr and Ron Davies, back when Buckley was in his prime. The sarcasm on both sides would have been enough to paralyze a wolverine.