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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
25-Jun-13 - 12:59 PM
Thread Name: Ireland and the Spanish Civil War
Subject: RE: Ireland and the Spanish Civil War
It was a particularly nasty war, as civil wars are prone to be, and some pretty nasty atrocities were carried out by both sides. The regime set up by the winning side able to carry on the brutalityl in the period after the war ended, but that goes with winning. There is no reason to believe the other side would have behaved any better, under Stalinist guidance.

Estimates of those murdered by the victors, during and after the war, range as high as 200,000. Estimates of those killed by the losers range as high as 70,000, including about 6,500 priest, monks, seminarians and nuns.

The Irish volunteers who went to fight on both sides were much the same kind of people, motivated by similar reasons, especially by stories, which were accurate enough, of the terrible things that the other side were doing. My father, a Spanish speaking veteran of the Irish Civil War (on the Republican side) was recruited to fight on the rebel side, Franco's side. After he came back, when World War II started, he joined up to fight in the British Army against the Nazis. Life is complicated, and we shouldn't pretend otherwise.