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Posted By: Ron Davies
25-Jun-13 - 11:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do You Ever Lose Your Temper?
Subject: RE: BS: Do You Ever Lose Your Temper?
Whatever you say, Kevin.

Ridicule works. And those who don't like it have to come up with facts to counter it. In Ebbie's case it would have worked just fine. And the woman had richly earned it. She had no facts.

As for the pious injunction that we shouldn't be interested in winning debates, welcome to the real world.   Again, Ebbie would likely have been interested in pointing out the idiocy of the woman in question.    Point is: it can be done without getting into a vulgar assault.

It's just a fact:   if the other person loses his or her temper, that's the end of the debate right there.

You don't go looking for trouble, but in Ebbie's case there's no reason she could not do something about the situation. And that seems to have been the question.